Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cute Penguin Nail Art Tutorial

I saw a charm for a bracelet shaped like a penguin and it inspired me to try and design my own version of penguin nails.  Somehow I ended up liking the idea of a happy penguin on one hand, and a sad/sleepy penguin on the other and I think they turned out to pretty cute!

Take a look in the video below, I used...

Blue Polish - China Glaze 'Secret Peri-wink-le'
White Polish - Sally Hansen Insta-dri 'Whirlwind White'
Acrylic Paints by FolkArt
Color Club Topcoat

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Polish Christmas Wish List

My Christmas list this year consists of a jewellery box, a Pandora charm for my Soufeel bracelet and a set of Benefit Lip Glosses.

There are no nail polishes on the list because everyone I'm related to seems to find it impossible to hunt down the ones I want online lol, but if Santa had access to ANYTHING, which polishes would I ask for?

When I started collecting polishes I was just too late for the China Glaze OMG Holographic Collection.  By the time I found out about them they were already selling for £40 a bottle online.  I once saw the whole set of 12 for £160 I think, but dear Lord I can't pay that!
I am extremely happy that China Glaze are bringing out a new holo collection next year called 'Hologlam'.  Readers I can confidently say that I won't be missing out on those ones!   I've already started saving up   ^_^

Next up another couple of holos, Gosh Holographic and Nu-Foh silver holographic.   These too are super expensive but they look amazing.  Google them to see the incredible effect, they're just stunning.

Last year Finger Paints brought out 5 flaky polishes that were exclusive to a store in the States.  Try as I might I just couldn't get them here in the UK.  The best was 'Twisted' but it looks like that ship has sadly sailed :(

Indie brand Dollish Polish's iconic 'Toxic Avenger' is a colour I would love, yet another holo lol, and yet again I was just a bit too late to get it and now it's super rare.


Cult Nails brought out a glitter called 'Unicorn Puke'.  Obviously the name is enough to want it on it's own!  But the colour is incredible, purple and full of flakies.....and extremely limited.

Oh how I envy the folks with their finger's on the pulse of the nail polish world, I always seem to be one step behind  *runs off and cries in the corner*

Who knows, maybe Santa reads blog posts :/

I know I know, first world problems and all that.

Is there a polish you're dying to get your hands on this Christmas?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Favourite Glitter far

Instead of only swatching new collections I thought it might be a nice idea to show you some of my all-time favourites, so this video contains my most loved glitter, flaky and holographic far  xD

Sunday, 9 December 2012

How To Use & Thicken Thin Nail Polish

I was asked a while back if I had any tips for thickening up nail polishes.  Well yes indeed I do!  I'll walk you through the process but first lets go through some different ways in which you can use your thin watery polishes....

First off they're usually good for water marbelling as they spread well in the water (most of the time, but this isn't guaranteed)

Secondly you can layer them.  Experiment layering over white, black, and any other colours you think may work.  Glitters tend to work well over black, pastels over white, or simply an opaque version of the thin polish you're trying to use up.

So try layering your thin polishes over more opaque bases to see what you can create. Sometimes even strange colour combos can look incredible so start experimenting!

Finally thin polishes are perfect for sponging.  Thicker more opaque formulas will put too much polish on your nail when you sponge with them, making it extremely easy to ruin your work.  However thin polishes can be built up slowly, and because they're thin you'll get a fabulous gradient effect with them without much effort.  I used Fantasy Fire in this gradient video below, notice how I slowly build up the colour with it.  If it was a thicker polish.... touch of the sponge and I'd have a dark splodge on my nail :/

So if none of those options appeal to you let me explain how to thicken your nail polish.

You simply need to use air, but it's important to do it carefully.

Open up the polish bottle and take out the brush.  Wrap it in cling film/shrink wrap to help stop it going too stiff and put it somewhere safe.  You might want to clean it up with tissues and polish remover as it will be a while until you use it again.

Place the open bottle in a glass beaker to stop anyone knocking it over accidently and put it on a shelf somewhere safe, where no pets or kids can get at it.

IMPORTANT - put it in a room that you don't spend a lot of time in.  The solvents in the polish will be released in to the air around you and, if you've ever spent a long time painting your nails you'll know this, it can cause headaches and really isn't very healthy.  So you don't want to dry your open polish bottle in your bedroom or living room, or any room that you spend a long amount of time in.

I put the bottle in my kitchen/diner.  The back door was being opened regularly which provided ventilation and the room was big enough so that you couldn't smell the polish.

Leave it there for a day and check it.  Depending on the heat of the room and the climate you live in it could take a few days or even a couple of weeks for your polish to thicken.

Make sure you check it regularly as this isn't an exact science.  Be aware that the polish could go gloopy or lumpy, get too thick or just be a bit weird.

Which is why I prefer to layer my thin polishes, marble with them or use them for sponging.

But heck, you never know, you might just end up thickening your polish enough to make it way more wearable!

Good luck

Arcadia   x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

You wouldn't believe how many incarnations this little chap had in my attempts to bring you Rudolph nails!

Eventually I was helped along by looking at some old Christmas cards, it's amazing how useful it can be to see how someone else has drawn something.  I mixed the inspiration up in my head with my original drawing and voila!  A cute little reindeer appeared!

Originally I was going to use red or green for the background, but then wondered if something more subtle would work.  I've never used 'un-christmassy' base colours for christmas nail art before but actually it ended up being very delicate, feminine and unusual I think.

I mixed acrylic paints and polishes for the design and so far I haven't had any issues doing that, they seem to adhere to each other well as long as you use topcoat.  Here's a list of them -

Base - Color Club 'Nomadic In Nude'
Rudolph's Face - A franken polish I made up myself
Antlers - OPI 'Stars In My Eyes'
Nose - Nails Inc 'Victoria and Albert'
Black and White FolkArt Acrylic Paints
China Glaze 'Snowglobe' glitter
Color Club Topcoat

Find out how to paint him in the video, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

Arcadia   x