Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Polish Christmas Wish List

My Christmas list this year consists of a jewellery box, a Pandora charm for my Soufeel bracelet and a set of Benefit Lip Glosses.

There are no nail polishes on the list because everyone I'm related to seems to find it impossible to hunt down the ones I want online lol, but if Santa had access to ANYTHING, which polishes would I ask for?

When I started collecting polishes I was just too late for the China Glaze OMG Holographic Collection.  By the time I found out about them they were already selling for £40 a bottle online.  I once saw the whole set of 12 for £160 I think, but dear Lord I can't pay that!
I am extremely happy that China Glaze are bringing out a new holo collection next year called 'Hologlam'.  Readers I can confidently say that I won't be missing out on those ones!   I've already started saving up   ^_^

Next up another couple of holos, Gosh Holographic and Nu-Foh silver holographic.   These too are super expensive but they look amazing.  Google them to see the incredible effect, they're just stunning.

Last year Finger Paints brought out 5 flaky polishes that were exclusive to a store in the States.  Try as I might I just couldn't get them here in the UK.  The best was 'Twisted' but it looks like that ship has sadly sailed :(

Indie brand Dollish Polish's iconic 'Toxic Avenger' is a colour I would love, yet another holo lol, and yet again I was just a bit too late to get it and now it's super rare.


Cult Nails brought out a glitter called 'Unicorn Puke'.  Obviously the name is enough to want it on it's own!  But the colour is incredible, purple and full of flakies.....and extremely limited.

Oh how I envy the folks with their finger's on the pulse of the nail polish world, I always seem to be one step behind  *runs off and cries in the corner*

Who knows, maybe Santa reads blog posts :/

I know I know, first world problems and all that.

Is there a polish you're dying to get your hands on this Christmas?


  1. The OMG collection still seems somewhat available ?
    do I have the wrong set?

  2. I am so in love with you and your talent. Your nails are amazing. I'm very impressed with how steady your hands are with the small brushes. Stunning work.