Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oh Dear...Brushes of Models Own Mirrorball Collection Are Screwed :(

Six months ago I made a swatch video of the Models Own MirrorBall collection.  I had only ever bought one of their polishes before so was excited to see what they'd be like, and on first impressions I was pretty pleased with them considering the price.

I've bought so many polishes recently so they've stayed sat in a drawer for the last few months, only being used once.

Well, today I open them to find that 3 out of the 5 have totally unusable brushes!  I've taken a photo as you can see...

Models Own Mirrorball Glitter

They're actually worse than they look when you start using them.

I'm mad because this just shouldn't happen.  The quality should be good enough for the polishes to last in an acceptable condition for years, not months.  The bristles must have reacted badly to the polish and have curled, making it very difficult to paint on the polish.  I'll have to use a nail art brush to apply those 3 from now on, and won't be surprised when the other 2 go weird :(

This seals the deal for me on Models Own now.  The very first time I ever used them I thought 'hmm...they smell like the polish I used to use as a kid'  i.e. not that great and probably containing some of the chemicals that other brands take out nowadays.  I can't confirm this, just a hunch from the smell.

The quality of the polish itself is okay, but the fact that I've had one bottle smash as I unscrewed the cap, another's brush became unstuck on the first use, and now this, I won't be buying any more.

Besides, I can buy a bottle of China Glaze for less than a fiver from a US seller on UK ebay.  Sure I have to wait a week or two for delivery but the quality of the polish and the brushes/bottles is FAR superior.  In my opinion anyways.

Arcadia  xx


  1. I have never ever liked models own and never want to own any. This sucks big time dude.

  2. sad, I really like their collection :(

    thanks for the heads up

  3. maybe it's only the mirrorball collection. i have many cremes and shimmer polishes and nothing has happened to them. i think you should give them another try :)

  4. Oh yikes, that really sucks!! D:

  5. Yep these ones are not 3 free. Only the pro collection which costs £8 per polish has a 3 free formula. I only bough these glitter because I thought they were unique. After. Afew month like you most of the brushes are unusable and I just cannot stand the smell of them. The Barry m jewels collection is much better in my opinion and they are 3 free.

    1. Thank you! That's so useful to know, I much prefer Barry M so I'll take your advice and stick to them now <3