Saturday, 27 April 2013

Easy Hazard Tape Effect Nails


I've spent the last week messing around with striping tape trying to see what new ideas I could come up with, and this is what I created!  I don't know why I thought of hazard tape, no doubt it's because I was playing with the striping tape while watching CSI Vegas lol.

Caution Tape Crime Scene Nail Art

You can of course use regular clear tape and cut it in to strips, but be aware that 2 coats of polish over regular tape can create bleeding lines.  Two coats over striping tape works very well (if you count to ten before removing it), but sometimes you'll get blurry lines with the clear tape.  I'd recommend using a dense opaque polish that's a one coater over it if you're having trouble.

Arcadia  xx

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