Saturday, 22 June 2013

How I Fixed My Peeling Nails

A nail care video has been highly requested in the last few months, which isn't a coincidence because since January I've been doing a new nail care routine.

My nails have always peeled terribly, as bad as it could get with the entire white section peeled back 2 or 3 layers on almost all my nails.

Well, they're fixed! 

Find out how I did it in the video below....

Extra information and links to the products I've been using can be found in the description box of the video over on Youtube.

Arcadia  xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chic Chanel Inspired Nails

I was SUPER excited to receive my first ever Chanel polish for my birthday along with a mirror compact. The packaging was so elegant and special with the Chanel ribbon, tissue and box it inspired me to make a design based on their classic combo of black, white and gold.

Chanel Inspired Designer Nails

The cross is made of 2 colours fading in to each other, gold in the centre as if it's glowing then white at the tips of the cross.

I used:

Black polish - Wet n Wild 'Black Creme'
White polish - China Glaze 'Frosty'
Gold and Silver Glitter - Orly 'Halo'
Topcoat - Poshe

Chanel Inspired Nails

To learn how to create the design, click HERE or on the video below!

Arcadia   xx