Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swatch: Autumn Duochrome - StarGazer 307

I'm very seasonal with my nail polish, so even though I'm sad summer is over here in the Northern Hemisphere I'm excited to start wearing autumnal colours again!  My first proper 'autumn mani' perfectly captures the season, a cheap but fabulous duochrome from UK brand StarGazer, number 307.

Stargazer Duochrome 307 swatch and review

Stargazer 307 is a sheer polish densely packed with micro glitter.  The term 'duochrome' comes from the fact that it shows as two different colours depending on the angle you look at it, as you can see in the bottle shot above.
Consequently trying to capture it in a photo is super difficult, so here are 2 shots of the gold to purple duochrome away from direct light.....

Stargazer 307 swatch review

Stargazer 307 Orly Space Cadet Swatch

...and now in the light it looks more like a sparkly purple polish.  

It's very wear it on it's own would take 3-4 coats so I prefer to layer it.  You can layer over black but it makes the overall effect deeper.  Instead I went for 1 coat over China Glaze Jungle Queen, a murky dark purple which brings more warmth to 307 and matches it perfectly.

It's said that Stargazer 307 is a dupe for Orly Space Cadet, so if you're loving the look but can't Stargazer in your neck of the woods, try looking for that instead.

I bought it from ebay, for less that £3.  Bargain.

Arcadia  xx