Wednesday, 23 April 2014

3 Textured Polish Nail Art Ideas

Two posts in two days?   Blimey.

I've been wondering for a while now how I can create nail art with textured polishes.  I was trying to do something complicated and fancy-schmancy but then I realised that simple was probably the way to go.  Seeing how a super easy design isn't really worth a video, I decided to do 3 of them and combine them in to one tutorial.

Textured Polish Pink Gradient Easy Nail Art

Water marbelling, a gradient and a geometric design, I hope they inspire you!

Textured Polish Simple Nail Art Tiffany Case OPI

I used the OPI Bond Girls collection for the looks cause they're currently the only textures I have, but of course all textured polishes will work for the gradient and the triangle, however you'll have to experiment for the water marble (what's new?)

OPI Liquid Sand Water Marble

You can click HERE to watch the video or click below :)

Arcadia xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

OPI Pussy Galore - A Perfect Pink for Pale Skin

Hello again :) I have super pale skin and have found it hard over the years to find a light pink polish that actually suits my skin tone.  I purchased the OPI Bond Girls collection a while back and one of the set that I was least excited about was Pussy Galore - a pale slightly frosty pink, with small pink glitter scattered through it.  Well, I was wrong lol.  It's SUCH a good pink for my skin colour, it suits me really well and looks pretty, delicate and creates a well groomed/chic look.

OPI Liquid Sand Pink Pussy Galore Review

I thought the slight frosty-ness would bug me but it hardly shows up at all and makes the polish glow.

Also, it's now risen to the top of my 'Vacation Polishes' list for a few reasons -

1. I won't have to take topcoat with me because you don't topcoat OPI Sand polishes.
2. The polish is so pale it doesn't show up on my skin too much if I apply it badly so I won't need to take a clean up brush with me.
3. Tip wear is hard to see, the white of my nail blends with the polish so that close up it's hard to see any chips.  This will let me get an extra day or two wear time without me getting all O.C.D. about chipping lol.

OPI Liquid Sand Pink Pussy Galore Review
Indoors by the window

So in short, I'm loving it.  Yep, I'm loving me some Pussy Galore (yes I did just write that on the internet hehe) and seeing how I currently only own a mini version, I might just be doing something I rarely ever do.  Buy a full sized back-up.  Now that is an honour OPI, hardly. ever. happens.  ;D

OPI Liquid Sand Pink Pussy Galore Review
Indoors where you can see the sparkle

I bought mine myself from QVCuk but if they don't have the set any more, head over to

Arcadia  xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easy Watercolour Nails

Hiya folks, long time no see!

Even tho I took a Youtube break I've still been reading nail polish blogs everyday.  I saw ThePolishaholic do a watercolour manicure using the new OPI Sheer Tints collection.  I loved it but couldn't justify buying a whole set of polishes (sad face) so I thought I'd try DIY-ing it with regular colours from my stash, and the overall look was really pretty!

Watercolour Nail Art OPI Sheer Tints DIY

It's nowhere near as messy as many versions of this look, no sponging or water marbelling, just a nail polish brush!

Find out how to create them in my new video HERE.

Arcadia  xx