Wednesday, 23 April 2014

3 Textured Polish Nail Art Ideas

Two posts in two days?   Blimey.

I've been wondering for a while now how I can create nail art with textured polishes.  I was trying to do something complicated and fancy-schmancy but then I realised that simple was probably the way to go.  Seeing how a super easy design isn't really worth a video, I decided to do 3 of them and combine them in to one tutorial.

Textured Polish Pink Gradient Easy Nail Art

Water marbelling, a gradient and a geometric design, I hope they inspire you!

Textured Polish Simple Nail Art Tiffany Case OPI

I used the OPI Bond Girls collection for the looks cause they're currently the only textures I have, but of course all textured polishes will work for the gradient and the triangle, however you'll have to experiment for the water marble (what's new?)

OPI Liquid Sand Water Marble

You can click HERE to watch the video or click below :)

Arcadia xx

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