Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Quick Yellow Feather & Flakies Nails

Every springtime I get the urge to wear yellow polish, bright and cheerful and whocaresifitdoesn'tsuitmyskintoneI'mwearingitanyway  xD

I bought Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream a couple of years ago and I love the shade, it's not too chalky and is easier to wear than a lot of yellows.  However it isn't opaque enough, it takes 5 coats on it's own so I thought I'd try wearing it over a failed yellow from my collection, China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

Yellow Polish Nails Feathers Stickers BornPrettyStore

Lemon Fizz doesn't suit my skin as much and is streaky, but it's more opaque than the Barry I tried 2 coats of Lemon Fizz with 1 coat of Barry M over the top and it was okay but still a little patchy :(

It looks like next time I'll just have to try either 2 coats of Lemon Fizz then 2 of LIC, or lump it and go with the 5 coats of Barry to cover the slight patchiness I decided to add a little art.

Yellow Polish Nails Feathers Stickers BornPrettyStore

First off, some BornPrettyStore feather water decals that go really nicely with the yellow, then a layer of flakie polish from the same store (I bought both myself, this weren't provided for review).

Flakies are a hard to find but much loved effect for me so I'm in love with this polish, it's called Sweet Color Number 1 and is a multi coloured flaky, not just a red/green that other brands have made.

Yellow Polish Nails Feathers Stickers BornPrettyStore

I ended up loving this manicure, bright and fresh and perfect for the season...if only it hadn't rained the entire time I wore it :(

See ya next time

Arcadia  xx

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