Saturday, 21 June 2014

3 Quick & Easy Matte Nail Art Ideas

Who else has a bottle of unloved matte topcoat in their collection?

I've been trying to think of nail art ideas to use it with for literally years lol, but I finally came up with 3 simple and quick designs using either matte topcoat or polish.

Matte Nail Art Designs

The top design is very easy and can be changed up depending on the colours to represent lots of different ideas like giraffe print, pebbles, scales or even a dragon's egg!  
The second includes showing your naked nail as part of the design, and mattifies shimmery polish which is an effect I love the look of!
The bottom look uses striping tape to make stripes and would be a cool alternative for the 4th of July.

Check them out HERE or in the video below...

Arcadia  xx

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