Friday, 6 June 2014

Create Easy Feather Nail Art With A Toothpick!

Sometimes when I've got 'nail art block'  (writers block - nail art block...get it?) I sit down with some acrylic paint and some tools and start creating random shapes until I see a pattern emerging.  I've created a few designs that way over the years, and this time as I was trying to make a palm tree leaf type thing, I realised the shape I was making could be turned in to a feather...and this video was born.
I love it when that happens :)

Feather nail art by ArcadiaNailArtThis design is very easy, great for beginners, and you only need a toothpick.  I'd recommend using acrylic paints as you can easily wipe them away and start again if you mess up.  I used some by FolkArt.

Feather nail art by ArcadiaNailArt

Watch the video HERE or click below.

Arcadia  xx

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